Acadian offers a broad set of knitted shade fabric. Our knitted shade cloth is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and knitted in a lock-stitch pattern which prevents unraveling in the event of a tear or a puncture. Additionally, Acadian’s knitted shade fabric does not require fabrication prior to installation and can be installed straight off the roll, using “S” hooks, wire ties or hog rings without the need for tape and grommets.

In comparison to woven shade, knitted shade is much simpler to install. For more information and a comparison of knitted versus woven fabrics, please see our blog post.

Treated with UV inhibitors, Acadian’s polyethylene is stronger and more pliable than polypropylene, resistant to most chemicals, and comes standard with a 5-year warranty against UV degradation.


  • UV protected to provide years of use – often more than 10 years
  • Lock stitch construction prevents unraveling and fabric runs when the fabric is cut or punctured
  • Simplified installation – no binding tape or grommets required

Standard Features:

  • 30% to 70% shade factors
  • 6’, 10’, 12’, 20’ widths
  • 100 linear yard put-up
  • Black color, with white and aluminum options in some styles
  • Custom colors available upon request
  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

Contact us directly at 866-206-1188 for further information or to discuss your specific requirements with us personally. Remember to ask us about a free freight quote.

Download the spec sheets for more details

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Download the Spec Sheets for More Details

Common Uses

Horticultural Plants
Agricultural Plants
Paint Ball Netting
Greenhouse Structures
Sight Barrier
Truck Cover Tarps
Shade Houses
Patio Shade
Retail Nursery