Woven high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insect netting has numerous applications in the horticultural, agricultural, and aquaculture industries. HDPE insect netting protects crops and seedlings from the infestation of small insects such as whiteflies, and aphids. More open construction netting is manufactured for the containment of bees for cross-pollination of flowering plants. Acadian’s HDPE insect screening is also manufactured into seed bags used for the propagation of new plants and crops, and it may be used in the early growing stages of shrimp and shellfish.

Please note our insect netting is not designed for residential or retail applications.


  • Blocks most pests improving yields
  • Contains beneficial insects while excluding harmful ones
  • Offers ventilation combined with protection which also improves yields
  • Prevents wind, hail, and rain damage
  • Prevents spread of disease from rodents and birds
  • UV protected to provide years of use – often more than 10 years

Standard Features:

  • 51”x25” and 23”x15” constructions
  • 79”, 118”, 138”, 157”, and 197” widths
  • 100 linear yard put-up
  • Natural crystal and black colors in some styles
  • 5-year UV degradation warranty

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Download the Spec Sheets for More Details

Common Uses

Crop Protection Structures
Cross-Pollination Enclosures
Crop Seed Bags
Shrimp and Shell Fish Larva Bags
Liquid Filtration
Irrigation Tubes