Acadian’s woven polypropylene frost protection fabric is applied to free-standing shade structures for several months depending on the geographical location. It can be laid directly over a shade fabric panel on an established shade structure or used on its own. Acadian’s frost fabric is applicable for any manual or retractable shade house and will also fit over any size Quonset structure. The fabric assists in maintaining the ambient temperature inside a structure as well as offers rain protection.


  • Improves yield by:
    • Reducing damage from cold temperatures
    • Minimizing water absorption (in particular with cherries)
  • Cost effective solution for large shade structures
  • Woven polypropylene is significantly stronger and more durable than most non-woven fabrics
  • UV protected to provide years of use

Standard Features:

  • 10’ and 12’ widths
  • 500 linear yard put-up
  • Light white color (27% shade factor)
  • 2-year UV degradation warranty

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Common Uses

Protection of Cherries - reducing water absorption and preventing cracking
Protect against heavy freeze damage
Manual or Retractable Shade House
Quonset Structure