Tracking the Threat of Hurricanes


In early September, residents in the southeastern United States were on high alert as Hurricane Dorian moved through the Caribbean and up the coast. Unfortunately, the Bahamas were badly hit by the storm, but most of the U.S. was spared from excessive damage.

Not yet out of the woods

After avoiding the worst of Dorian’s path, many breathed a sigh of relief, but we are still very much in the midst of hurricane season. This means we must remain vigilant about more storms that may hit.

Hurricane season officially runs from June through November each year, but mid-September is peak storm season, and tropical storms continue to develop in the Atlantic.

The best way to keep your finger on the pulse of developing hurricane activity is by monitoring the NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, which tracks all active storm systems in the Atlantic, Eastern North Pacific, and Central Pacific.

How does Acadian Industrial Textiles prepare for hurricane season?

We are here to support you and the needs of your customers during hurricane season and beyond. During hurricane season, we maintain higher stocks of our products in case there is shade damage that needs to be repaired in the wake of hurricanes.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on hurricane development as the season progresses.