Therapeutic Cannabis Culture Taking off in Florida

According to an August 10 article from Growing Produce magazine, Florida could be the next state to see the cannabis culture take off. In late July, Florida’s first medical cannabis dispensary, Trulieve, opened for business. Less than two weeks later, another dispensing organization was given the green light to conduct business.

Despite Florida’s open attitude towards the cannabis market, the Drug Enforcement Administration continues to keep marijuana as a Schedule I substance. This decision means that cannabis is not approved for medical use or research, putting the DEA in conflict with Florida and other federal agencies, like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Cannabis regulations in the U.S. continue to be an ever-evolving gray area. We’ll bring you more updates as changes are made, but for now, we’ll be watching the upcoming elections closely. Up to 12 states could vote on marijuana this November.

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