The Growing Popularity of Organic Produce


In a year like 2020, it’s not uncommon for people to search for comfort anywhere they can find it. For many of us, that comes in the form of seeking out foods that make us feel safe and healthy at a time when health seems anything but a given.

So, it should come as no surprise that during these uncertain times, more and more people are turning to organic produce to help them feel nourished and healthy.

Tracking the Organic Produce Trend

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers around the country had started looking for more organic produce options. According to the USDA, around 4% of all food sold in the US is organic produce. In 2019 alone, organic food sales rose by 4.6% over the previous year, for a total of $50 billion.

So, it’s clear to see that consumers were prioritizing organic foods even before the global pandemic hit. This indicates that even once COVID-19 is under control and life begins to return to normal, organic foods – especially organic produce – will continue to be a priority for shoppers.

That’s because some experts believe that many of the buying habits we’re displaying now will continue beyond the pandemic. The digital publication Organic Produce agrees, noting that around 43% of organic growers already have plans to expand their acreage in anticipation of this growing trend to buy organic.

How Can Growers Prepare to Meet the Demand for More Organic Produce?

Since the demand for organic produce is only expected to continue growing, it’s more important than ever to focus on the different methods you can use to fight the pests that your organic crops face.

Without an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan, your organic crops are at risk of damage from aphids, thrips, and other similar pests. This is where Acadian Industrial Textiles can help.

Our insect netting can serve as a valuable piece of your overall IPM strategy, helping you to protect your organic crops. Not only does it block out most of the pests that threaten your product, but it also offers plenty of ventilation and prevents damage from wind, hail, and rain. Plus, it’s designed to contain beneficial insects that help your crops flourish, while keeping the harmful ones out.

Our insect netting is UV protected and made to last up to 10 years and beyond in many cases. Utilizing this helpful IPM tool means you’ll be better equipped to meet the demand for organic produce that’s going to continue to increase over time.


If you have questions about how our insect netting can help your crops or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.