Managing Dust Containment in New Build and Restoration Projects


If your customers are working on new build or restoration projects, they will likely have a need for dust containment, to keep the build site clean and up to code. Here’s a closer look at the type of dust containment we offer and when it could be appropriate for your customers to use.

Acadian Industrial Textiles Woven Polypropylene Containment Fabric

We currently offer a woven polypropylene containment fabric that is specifically designed for the containment of lead paint and other impurities in sandblasting operations. This fabric can also be used for dust containment in new build and restoration projects.

Our containment fabric is an air permeable, tightly woven mesh fabric that can help prevent wind and water damage, and protect against fumes, dust, and debris. Overall, our containment fabric is lightweight and durable, useful in many different building projects.

However, it’s important to note that our containment fabric does not meet fire retardancy standards. If your customers are working on projects that require flame retardant materials, please guide them accordingly.

When Does Dust Containment Fabric Need to Meet Fire Retardancy Standards?

Requirements will vary by project, but typically, projects that include electrical work will need fire-retardant materials.  Any time a potential spark source would be possible (electrical work, welding, hospitals or medical offices, etc.), then fabric meeting fire code standards (NFP 701, CA Fire Marshall Title 19, etc.) would likely be required.

If your customers need guidance on whether they’ll need fire-retardant fabrics during their project, the National Fire Protection Association is a good resource for information.

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For more information about our woven polypropylene containment fabric, click here or download our free Black Containment Specification Sheet.