Will Shade Affect My Livestock?

livestock and shade fabric

Customers often come to our clients trying to get a better understanding of what return, if any, they will get from providing shade to their livestock. Effectively answering this question can make the difference between high sales of livestock shade fabric products and the loss of a sale. We recently read an article from the Penn State Extension that discussed the findings of research studies on shade’s effect on weight gain, production and, ultimately, producers’ bottom lines.

Research shows that shade does have effects on weight gain of cattle. The findings mostly show that shade increases weight gain or milk production by reducing the animal’s need to pant, increasing the amount the animal feeds and lowering body temperatures. These conditions are ideal for improving the quality and production of cattle-derived products. The author notes that these effects may differ between various breeds of cattle and in different climates, with too much shade lowering production for some breeds and in some areas.

The key to optimal production is choosing the right shading options for breed and location. Acadian Industrial Textiles supplies a variety of options for livestock shading designed to meet the unique needs of your customers. If you ever have questions about the type of fabric required for your area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives.