An Overview of Hem Construction Techniques

Hem Construction Techniques

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) website has a wealth of information available to companies in the fabric world. At Acadian Industrial Textiles, we try to share particularly helpful resources from IFAI and similar organizations with our customers so that you can, in turn, be a knowledgable resource for your customers.

In IFAI’s Hem Construction Techniques – How to Finish a Fabric Edge video, you’ll learn 10 different techniques for finishing the raw edges of fabric as well as tips for sewing long hems or seams. The video covers the following methods:

  • Single Hem
  • Single Hem with Webbing
  • Rolled Edge
  • Double Hem
  • Binded Edge
  • Binded Edge with Webbing
  • Edge with Facing
  • Taped Edge (for tarps or trampolines)
  • Hem with Drawstring Sleeve
  • Hem with Awning Rope

Please keep in mind that this is intended to be an introduction video. We understand that many of our customers already sew and use automated tools instead of the manual, labor-intensive approaches covered in the video, but we hope that you will find some of the techniques helpful and applicable for your business.

Watch the full video (which is the third video down on the page) on IFAI’s website.