Florida Citrus Granted New Incentive to Grow

Now that a much sought-after citrus planting program has come to fruition, it looks like Florida citrus growers have something to celebrate. And we think that the vendors who sell to those growers have something to celebrate, too.

The Citrus Grove Renovation/Re-establishment Support Program, a $5.5 million initiative backed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), is designed to help growers re-establish citrus groves by providing 75% cost-share on eligible improvements in irrigation and nutrient management and 100% on engineering and design costs.

The program is available now and FDACS is accepting applications. A memo provided by FDACS’ Office of Agricultural Water Policy contains more details and application information.

In addition, growers are eligible for up to $250,000 on improvements to irrigation and nutrient management for replanting or re-establishing groves.

Examples of cost share items covered by this program include:

  • Stormwater management improvements and upgrades, must include tailwater recovery if on flatwoods soils (footprint of ponds can be used as in-kind cost share)
  • Treatment system for stormwater/tailwater for FSMA requirements
  • Nutrient Management – Fertigation/Acid Systems; variable rate applicators
  • Irrigation systems/components necessary for replanting, must include under tree microjets/drip – may include variable rate pumps, automation, weather stations, soil moisture sensors
  • Other practices and improvements that can be shown to improve nutrient management and irrigation management and that will meet the goals of the applicable BMAP


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