Disputing Additional Charges due to Re-Weighed Freight


Many times freight will be re-weighed by a carrier, and you will not know until you receive a bill that is much higher than you expected! Bills increase with re-weighs due to charges for weighing the freight as well as charges for the additional weight found to be in the shipment. The carriers will provide a weight certificate that may make you feel like you cannot dispute the re-weigh.

Good news! You can dispute it and it is fairly easy.

In order to dispute a carrier’s re-weigh of a shipment, you will need a few things:

  • Spec sheet or other documentation reflecting the weight of what was shipped
  • Packing list showing item code/style number of items shipped that can be matched back to spec sheet

If you are shipping a single item with a specified weight, you should be able to contact the carrier, provide the documentation of the weight and get the bill adjusted. For instance, if you are shipping two fabric panels with tape and grommets around the edges, you most likely have packaged them either as a roll or on a pallet and weighed the final package. If so, many carriers will accept the weight you provided if you have a current scale certification that you can show the carrier. If you are shipping one item with a given weight, you can use the specification sheet for that item as proof of the weight.

For Acadian products, we have documentation on our website for each roll we ship that contains the weight and dimensions of each item. We also recommend sending the spec sheet for the fabric shipped. Acadian’s spec sheets state the weight of the fabric in ounces-per-square-yard, but that is very far from providing the weight of a full roll. If we are disputing a re-weigh, we will send the spec sheet to the freight company, and we will include calculations that outline how to get the weight of one roll using the weight of one-square-yard of the fabric shipped.

These steps include:

  1. Calculating the total number of square yards on the roll shipped
  2. Multiplying the total square yards by the weight in ounces to gets the total number of ounces-per-one-roll
  3. Convert total ounces to pounds
  4. Add weight for core and packaging of the roll

If you receive a re-weigh from your carrier on a shipment, we will be happy to provide any documentation we have to help you dispute the charges, whether it be a collect shipment from our warehouse to your location or a shipment from your location to your customer. You can also view the shipping weights & dimensions for all our products by visiting each segment page.