Bayer-Monsanto Merger Creates New Global Ag Giant

On September 14, 2016, Monsanto’s Board of Directors announced to the world it had accepted Bayer’s offer of acquisition.

With this merger, the crop protection / seed business witnessed the planned birth of a new global market leader in the agricultural market.

This year has seen several major mergers that affect growers and agricultural suppliers, including announcements by Syngenta / ChemChina and Dow / DuPont.

You may be wondering how these mergers will affect your business. If you’re worried, you’re not alone. According to the Des Moines Register, this wave of mergers and acquisitions has many farmers and lawmakers worried.

During a Senate Judiciary Meeting in September, Senator Chuck Grassley asked, “When does the size of companies and concentration in the market reach the tipping point, so much that a market becomes anti-competitive? To me, it looks like this consolidation wave has become a tsunami.”

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