An Update on Hurricane Season


As we’ve recently talked about, hurricane activity is on the rise. Just last month, Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana as a category 4 storm, with winds of 150 mph. It’s believed to be the 5th most powerful storm to ever hit the U.S.

Now that we’re in the thick of hurricane season, it’s natural to wonder what we might be able to expect over the coming weeks.

Visual Capitalist has put together a helpful infographic and article detailing what a typical Atlantic hurricane season looks like, based on data from the past 50 years. Using this, we can determine a few key takeaways about what we might be able to expect for the remainder of this year’s storm season.

Key Takeaways

  • 85% of hurricane activity takes place between August and October each year, so it’s likely we’ll see a few more storms before the season ends.
  • Early September is the peak month for major hurricanes, while late September is the peak time for less intense hurricanes and tropical storms.
  • Peak times in the season can vary based on location. For example, while the overall peak for hurricanes is in September, South Florida sees more hurricanes in October.

Check out the infographic and the full article from Visual Capitalist to learn more about the typical Atlantic hurricane season as we navigate the second half of the season.