Woven shade fabric over greenhouse
Nursery Structure

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Polypropylene (PP) is the fabric of choice for both professional and commercial growers. Our UV stabilized polypropylene woven shade fabrics are designed to withstand many years of direct sunlight and are resistant to most chemicals. Polypropylene shade fabrics are light in weight while providing maximum strength. On a one to one basis, we know of no other fiber that can match polypropylene in strength and endurance.

Acadian Industrial Textiles maintains a full complement of woven PP shade constructions ranging from 30% thru 95%. Our standard widths are 6 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft., and 15ft.

If your needs call for woven shade fabrics to protect agricultural and horticultural plants, livestock or any other type of shade applications, we are ready to serve you with the finest quality products available. Our products are installed across the country today on structures of all kinds – including greenhouses, hoop houses, pens, and kennels.

Common Uses:

Shade Structures
Greenhouse Covers
Quonset Shade Houses
Ginseng Shade
Wind Barrier
Truck Tarps
Sight Barrier

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