Knitted high-density polyethylene shade fabrics offer more versatility than woven polypropylene. One of the many benefits of knitted shade is the elimination of fabricating prior to installation. While in truck cover applications the edges are typically fabricated with binding tape and grommets, for other applications, knitted polyethylene shade fabrics can be installed in roll form, using “S” hooks, wire ties or hog rings without the need for tape and grommets. Polyethylene is stronger, more pliable than polypropylene and is resistant to most chemicals. If torn or punctured, polyethylene knits will not fray or ravel. Our polyethylene knits are UV stabilized to provide durability and longevity against UV degradation.

Acadian Industrial Textiles maintains a full complement of high-density polyethylene knitted shade constructions ranging from 30% through 70%. Our standard widths are 6 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., and 20 ft.

If your needs call for knitted shade fabrics, we are ready to serve your requirements with the finest quality, most economical knitted high-density polyethylene shade fabrics available.

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