If your needs call for protective paint ball netting, there is only one choice for you to make and that is Knitted High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Our knitted HDPE fabrics are made from UV stabilized virgin resin for long life and endurance. Knitted HDPE fabrics will not ravel or fray when cut, punctured or torn. Knitted paint ball panels are easily installed using plastic wire ties, “S” hooks, heavy duty staples, hog rings or tape and grommets.

Standard widths include 6′, 10′, 12′, and 20′, with rolls lengths of 100 yards.

Knitted HDPE fabrics will out last and out perform cotton, nylon, polyester and PVC coated fabrics. If you are considering paintball netting, windbreak fabrics or privacy screen, we have a full line of tough, durable fabrics to meet your needs.

Common Uses:

Paint Ball Netting
Wind Screen
Privacy Fabric
Scaffold Wrap
Sight Barrier
Holding Areas

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