Industry Reactions to Proposed USDA EPA Budget Cuts

USDA EPA budget cuts

Industry leaders are making their voices heard in response to President Trump’s proposed USDA EPA budget cuts. The proposal includes a plan to cut USDA spending by 21%, or $23 billion, which has many farmers and growers concerned.

National Farmers Union President, Roger Johnson, believes these USDA budget cuts could impact the future of pesticide approvals. He says, “The last thing our members need right now is more cuts to agencies and programs that provide incredibly important work, especially in the midst of the current farm crisis. These cuts and the message they send to rural America are deeply disappointing.”

The President’s proposal also includes a 31%, or $2.6 billion cut to EPA funding, potentially hurting rural communities across the country. National Young Farmers Coalition’s National Policy Director, Andrew Bahrenburg says, “This budget proposal dramatically underestimates the economic urgency facing rural America. If we don’t recruit a new generation of farmers to take over for America’s aging farm population, rural economies will continue to unravel.”

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