Truckers Protest Proposed Legislation with a Slow Roll Demonstration


Three pieces of legislation currently sitting in Congress led truck drivers in Sioux Falls, SD to take to the streets – in their trucks – to make their voices heard. The drivers believe the proposed laws will negatively impact the trucking industry as a whole, and coordinated a peaceful protest in response.

This was in the form of a slow roll demonstration on October 3, in which they all drove at the minimum speed limit on interstates to make their point.

What are they protesting?

The proposed legislation would impact truckers in a number of ways including higher insurance costs and decreased speed limits. Truckers are also worried that further updates in automated driving could put them out of jobs.

Speaking to KSFY in Sioux Falls about the three pieces of legislation, truck driver Jeremy Johnson said, “They all have a negative impact on the trucking industry not to mention how we’re treated by shippers and receivers.”

Fellow driver Shawn McIntosh agreed, “My insurance will go from about $15,000 to about $50,000. I’m done. I’m out of business. It’s making it so hard that small owner independent businessmen can’t make it anymore.”

More protests to come?

While this particular protest took place in Sioux Falls, the participants expected truckers around the country to join in with a similar protest. And, it’s believed that additional, similar protests will likely continue to happen over the next several months in the hopes that D.C. lawmakers will hear the message loud and clear.

As a result, consumers across the country may begin to notice a delay in shipped products, both when ordering directly from online retailers and when visiting brick and mortar stores.

We’ll keep you updated on this legislation and other laws that could impact the trucking industry.