Truck Tarp Regulations: South Atlantic

Dump Truck Covering Regulations: South Atlantic

For commercial trucks, the right covering can make the difference between a valuable investment or a limited tool. It is easy for most people to forget how many states commercial trucks drive through and how regulations may vary from state to state.

Acadian Industrial Textiles specializes in helping truck owners and manufacturers choose the right coverings for both the job and primary locations of service. We understand and continually monitor tarp regulations so that we can provide accurate and up-to-date advice to our customers.

For example, did you know that in the District of Columbia, vehicles carrying loose debris or cargo without covering must restrain the loose debris as to render the material immobile? This regulation does not apply if the truck is loaded so that the height of the cargo against the sides of the vehicle container does not extend above a point six inches below the top of the container.

In Florida, it is required that owners and drivers secure any materials from falling, blowing or escaping from their vehicle by using a close-fitting tarpaulin or another appropriate cover. This requirement is waived for vehicles moving agricultural products locally from a harvest site or farm on roads with a posted speed under 65 miles per hour or a distance of less than 20 miles.

Virginia requires all trucks and trailers carrying gravel, sand, coal or other nonagricultural products to secure the items to the vehicle or cover the transport. These covers must be designed to contain the vehicle’s cargo regardless of speed or weather conditions.

North Carolina goes into great detail about the types of vehicles that are able to be loaded, linked or otherwise operated on roads in the state, regulations that may be important for operators in the maritime or auto-racing industries.

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