Truck Tarp Regulations: Mid-Atlantic

Truck transportation is a vital part of almost every industry, helping to move products efficiently around the country. Of course, when materials are being transported from state to state, safety precautions must be in place.

There are strict regulations in each state about truck tarp coverings to help ensure the safety of those sharing the roads with these trucks.

In New Jersey, any materials being transported, other than farm products, must be loaded in a way that will prevent debris falling into the street. If the load extends above the height of the sides of the truck, the load must be secured with a cover.

In New York, safety inspections are performed by the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Police. Vehicles that have been selected for a safety inspection will follow a specific inspection procedure and will be provided with a complete safety inspection report upon completion.

There are detailed regulations based on which type of material is being transported in Pennsylvania. Additionally, when dirt or debris has fallen on any highway, the vehicle’s owner is responsible for removing the mess within a reasonable time.

Download a PDF from the Industrial Fabrics Association International for a full list of commercial vehicle coverings by state by filling out the form below. This resource includes information about cargo control for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.