Truck Tarp Regulations in New England

Almost every industry relies on trucking to move their products. Many of these products can be a hazard to other drivers if the proper precautions aren’t taken. But the laws that address these safety standards vary from state to state. In New England alone there are some big differences.

For example, Connecticut and New Hampshire are the only states to make exceptions for farmers transporting their own farm products and materials (as long as they exercise reasonable care).

Most states prohibit vehicles from having any part of their load “drop, sift, leak or otherwise escape,” while in transit. But Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island include clauses that allow the load to “escape” under special circumstances. These circumstances can include¬†using sand to secure traction or using water to clean and maintain the cargo.

Rhode Island is the only state that has a section dedicated to the rules about “hauling logs, pulpwood, lumber, or other materials which by their very nature may shift or roll,” and how they must be secured. Likewise, New Hampshire is the only state to have a similar section about “light scrap metal.”

New Hampshire also points out that if a federal regulation “provides an equal or greater degree of safety,” that the “commissioner may…adopt the federal regulation as a rule.” This makes it important to know the state and federal regulations governing tarp coverings.

Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are the only states to specify minimum and maximum dollar amounts for a fine (with Massachusetts including a possibility of a one year jail sentence for certain violations).

If you’d like a full list of commercial vehicle covering laws by state, fill out the form below to download a comprehensive PDF from the Industrial Fabrics Association International. This resource includes information about cargo control for all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.



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