Tips and Considerations for Starting a New Greenhouse Project

new greenhouse project tips

In a recent article from Greenhouse Grower magazine, several of the Top 100 Growers, along with two structure suppliers, provided expert tips on how to ensure your next greenhouse building project goes off without a hitch.

Owner Todd Johnson of Dallas Johnson Greenhouses suggests that builders should not build based on market share speculation. Johnson says to follow the market share trends and wait until the customer base is demanding, before deciding to build. “I don’t build anymore unless I know that I have a market share to facilitate it,” Johnson explains.

In addition to waiting on the market, builders should also create a vision for each new structure. Sedan Floral’s President Jonathan Cude does not start remodeling greenhouses without a plan at least five to 10 years out. By establishing a thoroughly thought out renovation, Cude says that this prevents wasted capital on structures that will most likely already be replaced by the time new construction begins. “Clear your mind, look at the opportunities that exist, create ideas, and then challenge them,” Cude explains.

According to a Greenhouse Grower survey, several of 2017’s Top 100 Growers are following in Dallas Johnson Greenhouses and Sedan Floral’s footsteps by either building or retrofitting their greenhouse structures this year. Some of those upgrades will include:

  • Roof-vent cooling instead of fans
  • Double-poly, gutter-connected structures
  • Shade curtains, additional outdoor space, potentially covered space
  • Glass houses for heated ranges, Ravi style for outdoor covering
  • Building close to 10 acres of indoor, environmentally controlled growing space

From shade fabrics to frost protection, AIT can help you and your customers find the right materials for the next project to better your horticultural/agricultural, recreational, industrial and composite products. Contact us today if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

For the full list of suggestions and considerations before building your next greenhouse, read the entire Greenhouse Grower article here.