Recycled Metals Market: Making a Comeback

Recycled Metals Market Growth

An increasing market for recycled metals could benefit your customers by increasing the need for trucks and supplies to haul the products.

After experiencing a decline in the last several years, the recycled metals market is now starting to see signs of improvement, according to American Recycler. Over the past several months, there’s been an increase in stainless steel and aluminum prices throughout the United States and Canada.

These price increases may be, in part, due to optimism about the impact of economic and infrastructure changes on the metal markets that have been proposed by the Trump administration.

Garey Rittenhouse, president at Regional Metal Services, Inc., believes that the future for recycled metals is brighter than ever. He says, “Our industry is so vital to this world and the services we provide are a big part of what drives this economy. We are a scrappy, innovative bunch of recyclers and the world needs us. I don’t know what tomorrow brings but our industry will certainly find a way to flourish and continue to thrive.”

We are hopeful that these signs of improvement will lead to a continued increase in the need for transportation of recycled metals for years to come.

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